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Frequently Asked Questions

About San Jose Car Accident Claims and Lawsuits

If you were recently involved and injured in a car accident in San Jose, you may have numerous questions about your rights, what you should do next, and how an attorney can help. At Accident Lawyers, we are happy to answer all of these during your free consultation, and we have also included some frequently asked questions (FAQ) below:

Do I need an attorney to help with my insurance claim?

Filing an insurance claim in the wake of a San Jose car accident is a necessity if you are to have the opportunity to seek financial compensation for your physical injuries and damage to your vehicle. By involving an attorney, you will have the protection that only a legal professional can offer as he or she protects your rights and represents your interests through the entire process associated with filing your car accident claim and negotiating for a just settlement.

Will my case go to court?

Most car accident cases do not go to the courtroom. They are instead resolved through negotiations outside of court. However, if the insurance company is unfairly denying your claim or otherwise treating you unfairly and will not cooperate, it may be necessary to take your San Jose car accident case to court. At Accident Lawyers, we will negotiate or litigate depending on what is best for our particular client's case.

What types of damages can I receive?

After a car accident, a victim may be entitled to such financial damages as: medical expenses, money for future medical care, lost earnings, loss of earning potential, loss of enjoyment of life, emotional trauma, pain and suffering, and possibly more. This will vary on a case by case basis, however.

What causes car accidents ?

The majority of car accidents are caused by some type of error or negligence on the part of one or more drivers. Drunk driving, speeding and distracted driving are all leading causes of car accidents throughout the United States. Additional and less common causes may include: heavy weather conditions, faulty auto parts, poor road design and poor road maintenance.

What will it cost to work with your firm?

When you work with a San Jose car accident lawyer for your claim or lawsuit, you do not pay any legal fees unless we recover financial compensation on your behalf. Our fees will then be an already agreed upon percentage of your settlement or jury award.

What is my case worth?

The value of any personal injury claim will vary depending on the particular circumstances of the case. The severity of injuries that the victim has suffered and what impact these will have on the victim's future are the two most important factors to look at. By consulting an accident lawyer, however, you can find out more about your particular case.

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