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The legal team at Accident Lawyers has over 35 years of collective experience in assisting the injured in seeking top value settlements in these very important legal claims.

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San Jose Car Accident Attorney

Involved in a car accident? How a lawyer can help.

Have you been injured in a car accident in the San Jose area? At Accident Lawyers, we are committed to helping car accident victims seek and recover the financial compensation we believe they deserve in the wake of suffering physical and/or emotional injury in any type of car accident.

With more than 35 years of combined attorney experience and a complete dedication to resolving our clients' cases with a combined application of excellent client service and aggressive representation, our legal team can offer you the level of legal counsel you need. We take on all types of car accident claims throughout San Jose, including those involving car accidents involving trucks, motorcycles, pedestrians and bicyclists, as well as head-on collisions, rear-end collisions and side impact crashes.

Why hire an attorney?
If you've been injured in a car accident, you may wonder why you should consider hiring an attorney. The truth of the matter is that the insurance company may try to give you the run around or may even try to unfairly deny your claim – whether this is your own insurance provider or the insurer of the driver that caused the accident. Having a legal professional who can assert your legal rights to the fullest extent while building a logical case on your behalf can make a considerable difference in your ability to recover full financial compensation for your injuries. Instead of worrying about dealing with a difficult claims adjuster or trying to figure out whether the settlement offered by the insurance company will actually cover your expenses and losses, focus your energy on healing and rebuilding your life. Click here to read more about hiring an attorney.

For a free consultation regarding your case, contact a San Jose car accident attorney at 1-800-358-9617.

San Jose Car Accident Insurance Claims and Lawsuits

When you work with an attorney at our law firm after your San Jose car accident, we will first work to present a claim to the insurance company in order to seek a just settlement on your behalf. In fact, most car accident claims are settled outside of court through negotiated settlements. If at first the insurance company does not want to cooperate, we can put the necessary pressure on them or can undergo negotiations in order to seek a fair settlement. If the insurance company simply will not work with us to offer you the amount of financial compensation we believe you rightfully deserve, the next step will be to file a lawsuit on your behalf. A lawsuit for a San Jose car accident will enable the victim to seek the money he or she needs in civil court, in front of a judge and jury.

By preparing every single car accident claim as though it were going to civil court, by utilizing our legal knowledge and taking advantage of our resources to fully investigate our clients' cases and build compelling arguments on their behalf, we at Accident Lawyers assist clients both with car accident insurance claims and with their lawsuits throughout the San Jose area. We will pursue whatever course of action offers our client the best opportunity at a positive result and maximum financial compensation.

When filing an injury claim or lawsuit against the person or entity that caused your injuries, you will be able to seek financial compensation for what you have already gone through and will endure. The purpose of financial compensation awarded in a San Diego personal injury case is to allow the victim to rebuild and recover to a similar situation as before the accident or injury occurred. Of course no amount of money in the world could possibly compensate an injury victim for what he or she has experienced, but it can help him or her build a more secure future.

San Jose Car Accident Attorney

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Practice Areas

The legal team at Accident Lawyers has over 35 years of collective experience in assisting the injured in seeking top value settlements in these very important legal claims. An experienced San Jose Car Accident Attorney at our firm can provide high quality legal representation in virtually any type of Personal Injury.

Car vs. Truck Accidents

80,000 large trucks were involved in traffic accidents throughout the United States in 2008 alone, according to statistics published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). If you or someone you love was involved in a car accident with a large truck, you may have suffered serious injury or may have lost a friend or family member.

Car vs. Car Accidents

Were you injured in a car accident involving another car? Multi-car accidents may be extremely serious, depending on the force of impact. However, whether you have sustained minor or traumatic injury, an attorney at Accident Lawyers may be able to help.

Car versus Motorcycle Accidents

In the event of a car accident involving a motorcycle, the result may be catastrophic. Motorcycles are much smaller and lighter than the average passenger car. Therefore, in the event of a collision the motorcycle and motorcyclist are likely to sustain the brunt of the impact and suffer from greater damage or physical injury.

Car versus Bus Accidents

When a person is involved in a car versus bus accident, he or she may be at risk of serious injury. This applies not only to the driver or passenger of the car but also to the passengers on the bus and pedestrians or bicyclists that may be in the vicinity of the collision.

Rollover Car Accidents

Defective manufacture of a vehicle can be the cause of injury and property damage on our roads and freeways. When this situation occurs, it is termed "product liability". Those responsible are legally liable for the consequences of the accident. Car accidents are often violent and their effects devastating.

101 Freeway Accidents

The 101 freeway is familiar to those of us who live in or near San Jose. It connects us with the San Francisco Peninsula or it can be driven south along the California coast. U.S. Route 101 was established in 1926 and remains one of the longest routes still in use in California.